IUV: Welcoming the first students to work in Japan

“Golden” opportunities
The first interview of FAJ Company and the candidates did not have too many attendees. It is not difficult to explain, because to reach this final round, the school has chosen quite carefully and prioritized for students who are quite capable and dedicated to the job.
Dr. Tran Manh Ha – Principal of Vinh University of Industry also said: The first order of FAJ Company focused on food field. Therefore, the school mainly selects the final year students of the Food Technology department to closely match the work that the partner has launched.
Representatives form FAJ interview students
To help students better understand the work in Japan, before the interview, representatives of FAJ Company and the Rector of Vinh University of Industry also had a talk and answered questions directly. student. Therefore, when entering the interview, most students are confident, though, this is the first time FAJ Company has conducted recruitment at the school.
After nearly one day of interview, the 8 most excellent students were also selected to work in Japan on an internship. Vu Van Tam – Food Technology student is the only male student to gain admission. Tam is also the oldest student (born in 1994) because he had previously studied Electrical Engineering at a College in Ho Chi Minh City.
Male students from Dien My commune – Dien Chau district also shared: When deciding to leave Ho Chi Minh City, I had many options and many advised me to work. However, I still determined to enroll at Vinh Industrial University, food industry, because this is my favorite career and I believe that there will be many job opportunities for me after graduation.
In the same class with Tam, Tran Thi Xuan Thu was quite surprised with the results, although she had carefully prepared the interview schedule. Talking about her plans, Thu said: I am really excited to know that I will be going to Japan to practice and work. This is an opportunity for me to access the working environment in an advanced country, improve my skills and train more in foreign languages.
Wide door to welcome students to work in Japan
To achieve this first success, earlier on September 11, Vinh University of Industry and FAJ Company had a signing ceremony on labor cooperation. FAJ is currently a subsidiary of Will Group Japan with 30 branches and 24 representative offices in Japanese factories and currently employs 8000 people, including 1,721 Vietnamese employees.
Coming back to Vinh City for the fourth time, Mr. Aikawa Kazoto – Chief of Office of FAJ Company said: I have a special impression on this trip in December because it helps me understand the labor market in Nghe An and it is over. Optimism with the results that students of Vinh University of Industry.
Training Japanese for IUV students
As a supplier, a representative from FAJ Company also said: In this first interview, we will recruit workers to work at Isshikura seimen Company – a company specializing in providing about Leading food in Japan (Nigata prefecture – Joetsu city). Here, students have direct access to ingredients and processing. From there, you will also have experience to manage fresh food sources, product quality …
Also according to the cooperation program, after passing the interview, the partners from FAJ Company will go directly to Vinh University of Industry to further improve Japanese and basic skills. to be able to work abroad.
After about 4 months studying in Vietnam, students will be able to work in Japan for 6 months. Although during this time, students mainly work under internships but they still get paid with a total income of about 30-35 million / student / month. Students who choose will also receive free training and air tickets. They only have to pay for their own food and accommodation during the internship in Japan.
It should be said that, although the internship is only half a year, it will be a valuable experience for the final year students. In particular, with their experience working in Japan, after returning to their home countries to get an engineering degree, their chances of returning to work in Japan are very favorable. On the side of JAJ Company is also willing to help to create conditions for students to enter the Japanese labor market (and other countries) if they really need it.
These first successes will also open new perspectives for the signing program of cooperation between Vinh Industrial University and JAJ Company. According to the plan, in the first 2 years, Vinh University of Industry will send 200 students to practice and work in Japan and will expand to many subjects and many different faculties.
Mr. Aikawa Kazoto – Chief of Office of FAJ Company said: It is not difficult to work in the Japanese market, especially students who are well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable in foreign languages. However, want to succeed

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