1. Organize counseling and support activities for learners:
    – Organize training and joint training courses for short-term training courses
    – Organize activities to visit, practice, professional practice, vocational practice for students
    – Job placement for students
    – Survey the employment of graduates
    – Support the training and enrollment of the University
  2.  Cooperating activities with agencies and businesses
    – Preside over establishing and expanding the relationship between IUV and localities, industrial parks, economic zones and enterprises in training, retraining, supplying human resources and serving economic and social development and meeting the needs of localities and businesses. Advising the university leaders to sign cooperation agreements with businesses to improve the quality of the university’s training, aim to serve and meet the needs of human resources of society, organize other activities to achieve the goal of mutual development.
    – Preside over and coordinate with units in finding and contacting agencies and businesses to deploy cooperation activities.
    – Lead and coordinate with agencies and businesses to organize consultancy activities, seminars, conferences to exchange experiences, career orientation, recruitment and communication activities to connect students with businesses and employers; Develop annual student data provided to recruiting units; Introduce part-time jobs, graduate jobs to students; Conducting surveys and collecting opinions of students and businesses about the University’s activities.
    – Build cooperative relationships with agencies and businesses to contribute to improving the effectiveness of student support. Specifically: Calling for contributions, financial support from business sponsors for students; coordinating to organize experience sharing activities; recruiting part-time jobs, jobs after graduation; arranging places to visit, professional practice and job practice.
    3. Support students to start a business
    – Organizing start-up seminars, start-up training courses
    – Consulting and supporting startup projects
    4. Manage and use resources effectively in terms of facilities, equipment, human resources and funds of the Center and the University as prescribed.