Industrial University of Vinh:Many opportunities for students to come to Japan to work

IUV discussed the signing of international cooperation
Graduates of engineering, humanities, international relations and food technology with a Japanese level of N4 – N3 or higher will be employed by Japanese enterprises.
This is the content of the cooperation agreement between Vinh University of Industry, Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry and FAJ Company (Japan).
Accordingly, carrying out the cooperation content, Vinh University of Industry established a Japanese cultural center taught by native lecturers on Japanese culture and language for students and trainees. Tuition from 2-4 million / course / student.
Students and candidates with the title of engineers in the fields of engineering, Humanities, International Relations, Food Technology through training at the center, reaching the level of Japanese language equivalent to N3 or higher levels will be recruited by FAJ to become a full-time, permanent employee in Japan. The salary here of Vietnamese people will be similar to that of Japanese people in the working area.
If you reach the level of Japanese N4 level, the company will introduce jobs to other businesses in Japan.
The minimum visa period is from 3 months to 5 years. After that, if you work well, do not violate the law in Japan, then workers can continue to extend the visa to stay to work.
Immediately after the signing, IUV has also deployed 8 students of the School of Food Technology to Japan to practice with a salary of 37 million / month. Estimated time in April 2019. However, because of the changing immigration policy in Japan, the number of students will continue to complete the program of engineering at the school and train Japanese to meet the requirements for coming to Japan. The costs of visa procedures, air tickets are supported by Japanese businesses.
For candidates who have participated in the skills training program, over time Japanese language and culture training is also recruited to work permanently in Japan.

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