Career choice Trend in 2020

The need for employment and employment creation is always an important and urgent requirement. Young people are facing many challenges, the biggest of which is employment. Let’s look at career trends in 2020 to get more job opportunities in the future. The human resources demand forecast of the HOT industries below is expected to help you.
1. Information technology industry
Although information technology industry in Vietnam is not too strange, its development level is more or less limited. According to the Institute of Information and Communication Strategy, only about 15% of graduates meet business needs. This industry has never stopped the “thirst” of manpower. From now to 2020, Vietnam will lack about 300,000 IT personnel. Meanwhile, only 32,000 IT graduates and related fields each year.
The average salary of a newly graduated IT engineer is currently at VND 5 million. And clearly, with the demand for human resources as mentioned above, this salary will certainly have to increase sharply in the near future. With career trends in 2020, this is the first choice of many technology enthusiasts.
2. Marketing industry
Marketing plays a very important role in the business activities of almost every business organization. The effectiveness of sales activities is greatly influenced by marketing activities. Advertising and media companies in Vietnam are increasing day by day. A business with a professional marketing team is essential. With the trend of global integration very hot, marketing is a career trend in 2020.
According to the Center for Human Resource Forecasting and labor market information in Ho Chi Minh City, from now to 2020, the marketing industry needs 10,000 employees or more per year. The results of the online labor force survey of Vietnam also show that the marketing industry continues to lead in 6 areas with the highest demand for human resources.
3. Construction industry
Currently, Vietnam is considered as one of the three countries with promising growth in Asia. The overall picture of Vietnam’s economy has highlights in many areas including construction. It is easy to see that in Vietnam, more and more international-style architectural works have been born. Infrastructure investment is an urgent task and is given top priority. Therefore, the demand for construction engineers, construction engineers and architects has also increased.
Construction is the field forecasted to have the highest labor growth rate, when the urbanization process takes place quickly. According to calculations, manpower of construction industry will be 5 million by 2015, of which 3 million will be trained. It is forecasted that by 2020, the demand for construction industry human resources will increase by 400,000 – 500,000 people each year. From the above information, this industry is creating many opportunities for young people. Therefore, the current requirement is to have an abundant force of construction engineers and professional qualifications to meet the development needs of the country.
4. Food technology industry
The food technology industry is judged to be a sector of a stable future, a field of potential. Is a discipline with high applicability and diversity, especially in modern life.
The industry has been particularly attractive to young people in recent years. Consumer demand of Vietnamese people for processed food is increasing and abundant. Especially the demand for safe and delicate processed products. Not only meeting domestic demand, the food technology industry also aims to produce and process high quality products to serve export needs. This is a really potential field of study.
. Tourism industry, hotel management
Tourism is a key economic sector in Vietnam. Vietnam has a diverse and diverse tourism potential. Tourism market of hotels and restaurants in Vietnam is growing strongly and hotter than ever. This industry trains human resources to work in a professional-class environment, luxurious space, civilization, broad communication and a much higher income level than the general job floor of society.
Tourism industry, hotel management will help you have many opportunities to meet and meet with people from all over the world. This is a smart choice for young people who are active, interested in learning and exploring.
6. Electricity – mechanical industry
The process of international integration now requires Vietnam to promote the development of industry and electronics. Electricity and mechanics are appearing in almost all products of social life and they are indispensable necessities. Electrical products or mechanical products are increasing. Many mechanical companies are lacking manpower, especially not high requirements.
The average annual demand for jobs of the mechanical engineering industry to 2020 is about 8,100. Besides, learners have the opportunity to go to labor export to developed countries. Employers often create

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